Zinc-Enriched Yeast

Zinc-Enriched Yeast

Zinc-enriched yeast is known as yeast zinc or zinc yeast ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Zinc on the human body a number of important physiological functions, such as enhance immunity, promote the growth and development, improve the appetite, improve dark adaptation capacity and enhance the reproductive capacity.


Growth through the yeast in the process of absorbing and transforming the zinc, zinc and yeast in the organic combination of protein and polysaccharide, the more favorable absorption of zinc, and the elimination of the chemical properties of inorganic zinc (such as: zinc sulfate) and organic zinc (Such as: zinc gluconate, licorice zinc, citric acid zinc and zinc lactic acid, glycine zinc and zinc glutamic acid, lysine, zinc, etc.) on the toxicity of the body and stimulate the stomach, so that zinc can be more efficient And more security to be absorbed by the body. The absorption of zinc yeast utilization as high as 70 percent or more, the effect is the traditional Zinc  formulations 5-10 times, which is so far the most efficient, most secure, most comprehensive nutrition Zinc preparations.





(1) Can be used as health food and medicine raw materials.

(2) Can be used as fortified food in the strengthening of the raw materials of zinc nutrients (such as: dairy products, biscuits, drinks, fruit juice, flour, infant formula in the food nutrients to strengthen the zinc raw materials).

(3) Can be used for livestock breeding industry, as feed nutrients to strengthen zinc in the raw materials.

(4)Need to strengthen other nutrients zinc products.







Crude Protein


Loss On Drying


Residue on ignition







Package and Storage: 1?5?10, 25 kg./bag, carton or drum.

Put in cold and dry place, unused packaging should be picked and used up as soon as possible.


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