Ferrous-Enriched Yeast

Ferrous-Enriched Yeast

Ferrous-enriched yeast is also known as the yeast ferrous or ferrous yeast( Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Ferrous is a necessary microelement for the human body. From more than 10 kinds of necessary microelements, Ferrous takes the premier place in both importance and quantity. A normal adult body contains more than 3 g ferrous, equivalent to a small nail the quality of ferrous in hemoglobin is the delivery of oxygen to the body. It absorbed the pulmonary delivery of oxygen to the body in various organizations, for the use of cells, which again produced by cells of the carbon dioxide transported to the lungs called out, ferrous or cytochrome enzymes and several other major components of the coenzyme.


Ferrous-Enriched Yeast is inactivity and contains very high concentration of ferrous-wide dry yeast cells (natural baking yeast), it is the yeast and low doses of ferrous with fermentation, yeast and then use the bus after disinfection liquid spray drying made. Production of ferrous in the production process and the interaction of yeast cells, a moderate process and conditions to prevent the trace elements, vitamins and other micronutrients loss. Yeast as a biological carrier, the absorption of ferrous can be very good.




(1) Can be used as ferrous supplements health food and medicine raw materials.

(2) Can be used as fortified food in ferrous nutrients to strengthen the raw materials.








Crude Protein


Loss On Drying


Residue on ignition







Package: 1?5?10, 25 kg./bag, carton or drum.

Storage: Put in cold and dry place, unused packaging should be picked and used up as soon as possible.



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