Chromium-Enriched Yeast

Chromium-Enriched Yeast

Chromium-enriched yeast is also known as yeast chromium or chromium yeast( Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Chromium is one of the essential trace elements in the body's glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism in a special role to play. Cr3 + beer yeast in the glucose tolerance factor (Glucose Tolerance Factor, GTF) an integral part of the activity. Then use the mouse and human large number of studies show that: trivalent chromium, mainly through GTF synergies and enhance the role of insulin, thus affecting carbohydrate, fat, protein and nucleic acids, such as the metabolism, affecting the growth of animals, breeding, product quality and anti - Stress, disease-resistant ability, and that chromium (Cr3 +) is the necessary human and animal body trace elements.


Chromium as a component of Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF), plays an important role in the regulation of blood glucose by working in concert with insulin.


Chromium-Enriched Yeast is the State Food and Drug Administration designated one of the sources of chromium nutritional supplements. Yeast is the earliest human use, the most widely-natural nutrition of microorganisms, but also the natural nutrition and ideals of the biological treasures carrier. Yeast is chromium yeast cell culture of trivalent chromium in the medium, through the conversion of inorganic chromium will be turned into organic chromium, chromium in order to improve the utilization rate of absorption of the body, reducing its toxic side effects, and better play its regulation of blood sugar , And lipid-lowering cholesterol-lowering effect.



(1) Can be used as fortified food in the raw materials to strengthen chromium nutrients.

(2) Can be used for livestock breeding industry, as feed nutrients to strengthen chromium in the raw materials.

(3) Chromium other nutrients need to strengthen the product.







Crude Protein


Loss On Drying


Residue on ignition






Package: 1?5?10, 25 kg./bag, carton or drum.

Storage: Put in cold and dry place, unused packaging should be picked and used up as soon as possible.



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